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Poetry of Stones by FEARLESS

Poetry of Stones is the debut album of Dallas based band “Fearless”.

The song “Poetry of Stones” that shares the same name as the album is a hard hitting, rock rhythm reminiscent of the sound of Paramore or Evanescence.

Heidi Flemons is the lead singer of this group and her unique vocal sound is showcased in this song.

Fearless is definitely a band worth checking out. I’ve seen them live and they definitely put on a great show.- Chace Saumell of Live Fierce

FEARLESS: Lead Vocals: Heidi Flemons Guitar: Art Quitevis Bass Guitar: Ryan Flemons Drums: JC McCoy

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

For fans of: Flyleaf, RED, Linkin Park, Paramore

 Highlights: Poetry of Stones, Just Break Down

We had a chance to catch up with Heidi, lead singer of FEARLESS. We had a rad conversation about all things FEARLESS. We spoke a day before their show, which is tonight in Rockwall at 6:30pm at Remedy! If you are in the area make sure to check it out! Make sure you continue to look out for more coming event performances by FEARLESS.

So first, tell our readers about your background since they’ve probably only see clips of you here and there on sundown united Facebook fan page. How did FEARLESS come together?

Art and I are the founding members of Fearless and had both been writing and performing for a long time before we met. Art is the musically educated one, with a degree from Ohio State in Jazz Performance. I hear all the lyrics and melodies and harmonies in my head (there’s a lot going on in there) and have journals full of lyrics but no instrumental training to be able to do anything with them (even though my mom is a piano teacher!). So in 2004, Art and I met at the gym where I was working as a personal trainer. We got to talking about music, as we both had music projects going at the time (mine was urban gospel, his was heavy metal), and decided to meet in his teaching (guitar) studio and collaborate. The first song we wrote together was “One of Those Days” which actually sounded nothing like it does today. The melody and chords were the same but ….and we still laugh about this….something in the instrumentation had an element of gangster’s paradise going on sooo when my husband (our now bassist) pointed that out, we had to start from scratch. So that’s actually the song that took THE longest to develop and how we got started working together years ago. We’ve continued writing together consistently ever since and in 2009 began production on our current EP, Poetry of Stones. JC is an outstanding drummer that plays on our church worship team (Ryan and I are the worship leaders at Hope Community Church in Plano) and Art plays electric guitar there as well. JC and Ryan were both asked to join Fearless in 2010 and we began playing live.

Do you feel this band is more a studio band were the creative process can be fully realized or is the excitement of the crowd something that drives you to experience a more balance of performance and art?

 Is it cheating to say both??? Cuz really, that’s the answer. I described earlier why I love Love LOVE the studio process….it the only place you can layer all of your ideas on top of one another to create a beautiful tapestry of instrumentation, orchestration, melodies, harmonies, etc. For example, this is something you might hear if you were to listen in to a studio session….”Me: Ok I want this vocal to sound scary and eerie and mysterious. Matt (our engineer): Yeah, I’m picturing it like the “oohs” here are like a ghosts reverberating against the walls of an old scary castle…and they’re chasing you…getting closer and closer. Me: YES!!!! And they want to kill me!” …and that is how we got the sound of the “oohs” and the beginning of Just Break Down. I mean really. Where else do you create and communicate like that and everyone understands each other??? It’s a beautiful and slightly frightening thing. 

But then live performance is SO fun and intense. You get to totally let go and let the artist inside of you come out in full force in the hope that the audience can experience the intensity and meaning of each song. It’s like you’re being vulnerable, laying your soul out there for people to experience with you…and yet you’re a performer, a character almost, …and the real you, the artist… all at the same time. We strive to leave EVERYTHING on the stage every time we play and that seems to just happen naturally as soon as the first note is played and the stage lights come on. It is truly a spiritual experience that takes over and everything else just goes away.

I watched your Rudolph youtube video, lol! It’s so clever where did the idea come from? I don’t think I will be able to look at that red nose the same again.

Haha!! Thanks! Well, I saw a video on Facebook of a “mashup”….I guess it’s like where someone takes two songs and mashes them together…and it was of the traditional Rudolph song and the Police song “Roxanne” and I thought “this is going to be HILARIOUS! They’ve changed the lyrics to be about Rudolph!!” but they didn’t…insert frownie face here… was all the original lyrics of both songs and I was like “I can totally do that….I’m doing that…Oh man, this is funny…I’m hilarious! Go me!” and then I was so proud of my ridiculousness that I decided to record a sultry soulful version of my “Rudolph, You Don’t Have to Put on the Red Light” song with the engineer of our Fearless album, Matt Aslanian. And he was EXACTLY the right choice for such an absurd project. We had a great time and he actually played guitar on the song. We knocked it out in one take and then Ryan, my husband, created that hilarious video to go along with it. We only had like a week before Christmas to put it out there so we’re hoping Rudolph with go viral this Christmas… although he’s less likely to be viral now that he doesn’t have to put on the red light anymore…

here is the epic Christmas classic/Police mash up! by FEARLESS

So all the sundowners here can become Fearless fans live and in person, what shows do you have lined up?

 Friday July 8th, Remedy Club in Rockwall, 3 other gigs for July and August getting nailed down SOON so the best thing to do is to find us on Facebook at and check out our website to see the new dates as they are added!

Finishing up what is the future for FEARLESS and what can SdU and your fans expect to see?

We are beginning to focus on booking shows with national acts that come through town and will be venturing outside of Dallas for shows. Within the next couple of months we will be releasing our next single for airplay from our EP, Poetry of Stones. We’d love to hear feedback from fans on which song they’d like to hear on the radio next!

*Hey everyone, check out SdUnited’s extended conversation with FEARLESS on the Sundown United Facebook Fan Page this Sunday, July 10th in the Up’s of Down end of the week review.

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